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The objective of the solitaire game klondike (or patience game) is to move all the cards from the playing area and the deck, to the upper four rectangles (foundations) by suit and numeric sequence.

This HTML5 solitaire game will shuffle the 52 card deck, and place the cards in the playing area ready to start a new game. The player, you, should patintly look for cards with sequential numeric values of opposite suit, and drag them to form piles (columns) of alternate colors, over the lower (seven or less) upturned cards. You can move columns of various cards to other columns, as long as the color sequence is preserved. If a column is empty, a King or a column with a King can be moved to this empty space. If there is and Ace upturned, it can be dragged to one of the top four empty foundations to start a sequential numeric stack of this suit.
If there are no upturned cards that can be moved, then you tap (click) on the upper right deck of cards to draw an upward card until you find one that will continue a numeric sequence in either one of the seven columns or one of the four foundations. Not all Klondike solitaires can be solved or finished; some times there are downturned key cards bocking the continuation of the game... time to start a new card game!

The are many ways of dealing from the deck: Turning three cards at once (more difficult); turning only one card at a time (easier). There are other variations, but they are for you to descover.


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